Defense Baton™ 1-Day Instructor Course Outline

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Defense Baton™

Upon successful completion of the 1-day Defense Baton™ Instructor certification program, Instructors will receive the following:

  • Defense Baton™ 3-year In-house Instructor certification from Personal Safety Training Inc.
  • Authorization to train and certify staff in the:
    • Defense Baton™ (4 hour) certification course
    • Defense Baton™ (8 hour) certification course
    • Defense Baton™ re-certification course
The Defense Baton™ Instructor package includes:
  • PowerPoint CD for the Defense Baton™ 4 and 8 hour certifications.
  • Defense Baton™ Instructor manual
  • Copy of “Be Safe Not Sorry” – the Art and Science of keeping YOU and your family Safe from crime and violence.
  • Student tests, proficiency skills test and instructional forms
  • Maintenance of training records
  • Continual support from Defense Baton™ – Personal Safety Training Inc.

Defense Baton™ 8hr Instructor Course Outline

  • Introduction to Defense Baton
  • The First Rule of Training = Safety
  • Modular Based Training
  • Modules and Objectives
Module One
Baton Awareness
  • Awareness of Liability Risks
  • Agency Policies and Procedures
  • Types of Batons
  • Care, Maintenance and Operation
  • Opening the Baton
  • Closing the Friction Lock Baton
  • The Myth of Closing the Baton
Module Two
Use of Force and Self-Defense
  • What is Self-Defense?
  • Disclaimer
  • Lawful Use of Force and Self-Defense
  • Levels of Force Continuum
  • Use of Force Model
  • Increasing the Level of Force
  • Vulnerable Areas of the Body
  • Low Risk Target Areas
  • Medium Risk Target Areas
  • High Risk Target Areas
Module Three
Baton Nomenclature
  • Baton Nomenclature
  • Baton Manufactures
Module FourBaton
Defensive Tactics Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals
  • Bladed Stance
  • Forward Defensive Movement
  • Rear Defensive Movement
  • Side to Side Movement
  • Forward and Rear Pivoting
  • Core Energy Principle
  • Gripping the Baton
Module Five
Baton Handling Positions
  • One Hand Baton Handling
  • Two Hand Baton Handling
  • Outside Arm Baton Handling
  • Baton Draws
  • Strong Side Baton Draw
  • Support Side Baton Draw
  • Baton Holders
Module Six
Baton Blocking Techniques
  • High Block
  • Outside Block (right side)
  • Outside Block (left side)
  • Middle Block
  • Low Block
Module Seven
Baton Defensive Counter Strikes
  • Front Jab Counter Strike
  • Rear Jab Counter Strike
  • Grip End Counter Strike
  • Long End Counter Strike
  • Middle Counter Strike
  • Outside Arm Front Counter Strike
  • Reverse Frontal Counter Strike
  • Closed Baton Counter Strike
Module Eight
Baton Control/Decentralization Techniques (optional)
  • Strong Side Rear Wrist Control
  • Rear Wrist Control with Escort
  • Strong Side Rear Wrist Control with Take-Down (part 1)
  • Strong Side Rear Wrist Control with Take-Down (part 2)
  • Support Side Rear Wrist Control
  • Rear Wrist Control with Escort
  • Support Side Rear Wrist Control with Take-Down (part 1)
  • Support Side Rear Wrist Control with Take-Down (part 2)
  • Frontal Block with Take-Down
  • Frontal Block with Take-Down
Module Nine
Baton Retention Techniques
  • Carry Retention In-Holder
  • Single Hand Baton Retention
  • Two Hand Baton Retention
Module Ten
Post Incident Response & Documentation
  • Post Incident Response
  • Post Incident Documentation
  • Elements of Reporting Force
Training Drills and Exercises
  • Static Air Drills
  • Blocking Drills
  • Striking Drills
  • Partner Drills
  • Positioning Drills
  • Combination Drills
Defense Baton Review
Appendix I
Reference Guide and Bibliography
Appendix II
Trainer Development Techniques
  • Part 1 – Instructor Development Tools and Techniques
  • Part 2 – Instructor Development Tools and Techniques
Appendix III
Instructor Requirements and Procedures
  • Instructor Procedures
  • Instructor Qualifications
Student Training Requirements
  • Student Training Course Certification
  • Student Recertification Form
  • Student Written Test
  • Student Written Test Answer Key
  • Student Roster of Training
  • Student Proficiency Skills Test Check Sheet
Defense Baton™ Product Order Form
Defense Baton™ Safety Rules Form