Healthcare Workplace Violence Prevention Courses

Your location or ours?

So you’re looking into training your healthcare staff in workplace safety and violence prevention but not quite sure where to start? Let us help you choose the best option for your particular specialty and needs. We offer three different methods of training, all with their own unique applications and benefits.

We Come to You…

This training option delivers the most effective method of hands-on learning combined with the benefit of team involvement. On-site trained staff tend to feel more comfortable around their co-workers and have the ability to feel confident to use the methods when a dangerous situation occurs. In addition to the course fees, you are required to pay travel expenses as well. We offer courses tailored to the following groups:

Basic On-Site Training for Staff

These courses are offered to your staff at your location and can take as little as 2 hours or up to 2 days (two 8-hr sessions). The courses are taught classroom-style and the longer sessions include hands-on defense training.

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Advanced Instructor On-Site Training

This “teach-the-trainer” approach allows you to train your security instructors with the ability to provide ongoing training to the rest of your staff at your convenience. The “Basic Instructor” course is a 2-day session and the “Advanced Instructor” course is a 3-day session.

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You Come to Us…

Budget Constraints? Small group of staff? We hold 1-3 day seminars in various cities throughout the US where we teach and train you to use the proven methods of violence prevention. Our courses meet state and federal requirements for certifications and are the next best alternative to on-site training. Check to see the upcoming schedule for the next seminar courses.

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Brought to your network…

This Web-based training system is tailored to healthcare agency specific needs. The training topics were chosen to meet any OSHA and State requirements for WPV prevention as well as other agency requirements you have in your job class. The AVADE® Healthcare workplace violence prevention e-learning system is designed to give staff an introduction to the risk, prevention and mitigation of violence in the healthcare environment. It is not intended to be an all-inclusive workplace violence prevention plan. To see if this option will work for you, read more about it.

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